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Information Security Engineering Experts

Our corporate services include complete security engineering and analysis for the government, health, financial, Fortune 500, and cable TV/satellite industries. Merdan is dedicated to safeguarding company assets, proprietary/confidential information, and protecting enterprise profit with full-service security engineering expertise. We seek to neutralize the threat of any loss of our clients' assets and to cost-effectively find acceptable protection for valuable information resources. Our staff of professionals has the education and experience required to tackle all elements relating to risk mitigation, including: systems, networks, hardware, software, facilities, and training.

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In today's frenetic business atmosphere, there is a rising
threat that your information could be compromised.
Depend on our experience and advice to keep your
important information secure.

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Major federal government agencies have trusted the professionals at Merdan Group Inc to protect their information. We center our security engineering process on proven systems development
life cycle practices.


Keep your information secure.

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About Us

Welcome to our company. Since our incorporation in 1971, Merdan Group Inc has become one of the premier security engineering firms in the country, serving clients from Los Angeles, California to New York City. For more than 40 years, Merdan has supplied quality expert risk mitigation security services with a reputation unmatched in the industry. We have an extensive and diverse client base, including the highest levels of government.

Merdan is one of the few firms in the country totally dedicated to expert security engineering services. This is our business; not a sideline or division. We are not affiliated with any other company and scrupulously maintain freedom from any conflicts of interest. We are committed to the security business and are nationally recognized for our expertise and integrity. Merdan has consistently performed to great client satisfaction and produces quality services as evidenced by repeat and follow-on business. We view our relationship with clients as being business partners to protect our assets, data, and provide complete security safeguards.

We're not trying to sell products to our clients; instead, we perform independent reviews of their systems to help them learn how secure their systems truly are. Contact us today.

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