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Complete Computer Network Security Solutions

Merdan Group Inc is passionate about protecting your information. We offer our security consulting and engineering services to commercial and government clients in Los Angeles, California, and New York City. Learn more about how we protect commercial businesses and companies.

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Global Threats

The global threat of losses to commercial and government businesses has become an increasing concern in today's hectic business environment. Whether the concern is protecting corporate assets, financial data, sensitive/confidential information, or business critical computer systems, safeguards must be incorporated throughout the life cycle of an information system.

Increased use of microcomputers and networks in a distributed client server architecture places even greater complex security requirements on commercial firms. Typically, these security requirements and responsibilities are placed on the management information systems manager or chief information officer. Often these managers do not have the resources to handle the security issues. Specialized expertise from Merdan can fill the gaps in a company's security program.

Increase Your Security Awareness

As computer crime has increased in recent years, security awareness has been heightened in commercial enterprises. Highly publicized cases of computer fraud and security compromise and abuse have caused serious financial damages and, therefore, have increased the need for security awareness in both the government and commercial business.

Merdan's security engineering experience has extended from the highest levels of security protection (national defense) to the mid- and lower-levels, where risks may be acceptable depending on the cost of damage prevention. Merdan can assist our clients in assessing the appropriate levels of risk versus mitigation costs.

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Expert Security Audits

Since 1988, Merdan has offered security audit services to the digital rights management and conditional access digital/video media industries. Merdan acts as an independent agent providing an in-depth, unbiased assessment of the security robustness of DRM/conditional access systems.